VST Ommarunn new series of tutorials and experiments

The first part of my series of tutorials about the VST Ommarunn by iraisynn attinom is online now.
Ommarunn is a quite unconventional synth – but a powerful one. Ommarunn shines with its (nearly) uncountable number of possible modulations (nearly every parameter has its own set of modulating subparameters) – just to name one of its fascinating characteristics. It´s a terrible GUI covering a wonderful piece of software. And here is the timeline of the video.

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Initial Status, Waveforms and Generators I
02:04 Phase and Phase Cancellation
04:43 Waveforms II
08:30 Control Functions
10:02 Global Structure
11:27 Reset and Initialise
13:38 Parameters and the Structure of the Modulators
14:08 Designing Our First Own Sound
22:57 Tune, FM, PM, AM
27:30 Reset and Random
29:38 Some Words at the End

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