Xenon 2 -Remix-

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  1. Hello guys,

    I think many of you remember a classic shoot'em up dos videogame called Xenon2 (Bitmap Brothers):
    Now available the remix of the title-track, you can listen at the demo, or buy the full-quality song from my new website.
    Enjoy the tune! especially if you are an enthusiast retro-gamer :D
  2. Well, standard dance/trance residuum, with slight italo influences...

    I think you should add that ppl. have to pay to get anything else than a 64kb/s version...
  3. thanks for your comment TheDoctor,
    the buyable version is mp3 192 Kbps, the demo.track is mp3 64 Kbps.
  4. eisblau

    eisblau ..

    funny track. because xenon 2 is a cover of the john carpenter soundtrack theme "the end", which was also aviable as an italo disco 12inch version in the 80s. your beat is cool, not disturbing and I appreciate that you did some little improvement to the melody. but I would have done the sounds more apart from the trance/virus presets and keep some filter distortions out (or is it the bandwidth).

    greets from a another retro gamer,

  5. thanks eisblau,

    you would want something more exasperate from the track :D I understand what you mean, playing filters more exceter.. but I am a quiet boy :lol: thanks anyway! cheers
  6. XENON 2 Megablast -Remix-

    now available as free download in mp3 160kbps, from the new download-section of my website.

    Enjoy! bananab.gif :cool:
  8. SägezahnTrigger:

    I think there were too many people connected on the website at the same time, and my hosting is not pro, I will have to change it...
    Please try again if you want ;-)
  9. escii

    escii ..

    Oh another edition of bomb the bass, hmmm... My opinon: remixing the soundtrack of Xenon1 would have been a better choice (it was the better game, too).