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Seaboard Modular (maybe not as expected.. )

Roli sind sehr aktiv – aktuell haben sie ein Modul, dass alles ausgibt, was das Seaboard hergibt. So kann man ein Modularsystem direkt damit steuern und zwar fließend. Nach dem Kauf von fxpansion und damit einer der besten “analog synthesizer software dingsis” und der Vorstellung der Blocks mag man wirklich sagen können – die meinen das ernst! Da kommt noch viel. Ja, ne Menge CV-Ausgänge sind das. 4 Reihen – also 4 Stimmen. Jetzt nur noch genug Module haben – 4 OSCs – 1 Filter, 1 VCA, 1 EG mindestens, paraphonisch geht ja schon auch. Nun, dies wäre so, wenn es echt wäre – das hier ist ein Modul innerhalb des Softube Modulars, hoffe es wird das auch als “echtes” Modul geben.

Roli did a lot of things, acquire fxpansion with their wonderful synthsquad-synths, they got the Blocks now – and they are now going modular, seamlessly control all analog modular stuff by the well promoted Seaboard.
bbuuut- this isn’t a physical one – this one is for Softube Modular – so you can work with your virtual modules – but why not a “real” interface?

roli seaboard modular eurorack

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Polyphonic Behringer Analog Synthesizer – Deepmind 12 – 7 videos

UPDATE: meanwhile there are 16 (and growing) videos, so I just post the Playlist here..


Ein wenig “roländisch” sieht Behringers Deepmind 12 aus, dachte man – aber am Ende ist er doch anders, auch klanglich. Der neue polyphone analoge Behringer Synthesizer. Man sieht ein paar Szenemenschen, die ihn bestaunen durften. Er kommt: News zum Behringer Synthesizer 2016 –
ja – man hatte klar den Juno 60/106 im Blick bei der Entwicklung.

Keyboard & Rack

which doesn’t bring too much news. so this is a silent update ;)

but it is clearly said: DCO square/pulse and saw, DCO 2 pulse/PWM only!

3 ENVs – 2 OSCS – 2 LFOs – 12 Voices – Modmatrix inside – Klark Teknik FX (4 Blocks), 256 user presets (4 banks), MIDI, USB – Pedal CV – ARP’er &  32step-Sequencer – Chord Memory. “affordable price”. should be around 1500€?  So it is not the cheapest and therefor more a quality approch to synths – but for a polyphonic synth – still far under DSI’s average price tags of 2k€>Not that 1k or 500€ is a rumour due to the first teaser, the Odyssey clone. So is the 1.5k€ – but more realistic kind of guessing which it still is. (Key Version)

Rack Version price: ?

(see the playlist for more updates)
final look:


eyboard version:

deepmind envs

they say: fast LFOs (<5ms update),
deep mind 12 panel

it turns out they wanted a Juno plus – and added things to it – even that name was kept – and later changed to the much better sounding “deep mind”deepmind 12

and a mod matrix is not at all juno’ish but useful. this isn’t WYSIWYG – it’s some things behind this screen..deepmind 12 display

curves can be changed – slopes ..
envs deepmind


Prototyp was named “Phat 12” (which is odd, isn’t it?) – here is the prooooof: it’s 3 Envelopes with switch buttons and 2 pole switch for the filter which might still be LPF but could be set via EDIT-Button next to it.
behringer deep mind 12 phat 12 proto

Update: Rendering by Blaise l Sequencer.de Forum:

  • Deepmind has WIFI to be controlled by an iPad / Editor.

have you seen that second synth in the 6’th video? may be the next one..
proto 2
this is the pre-phat 12 – deepmind prototype.

Mod Matrix Sources/Destinations can be found here:

(5th update): 2 DCOs, 2 LFOs, Sync, 12 Voices: rendering added.

UPDATE 5: Name : Deepmind 12 – 4 FX Blocks (by Klark Teknik) freely assignable with “algorithms”.. I’d expect it to be called “Kraftgedanke” or “Urgedanke” or something. Not that iPad – maybe an editor or library-software?
it’s time for the price tag, now! and there should be buttons for the envelopes – not yet clear – so I assume there will be another “unveiling video”. did you see those 3 buttons below the envelope? I assume they set it to Amp, Filter and Pitch. But – makes settings harder since you need to re-arrange it any time switching over to the other env.


12 Voice Polyphonic !!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-24 um 13.13.11


User Blaise hat eine Phantomzeichnung angefertigt. Forum User Blaise did a nice rendering feat. most likely faders..
thanks, Blaise: Behringer Synthesizer 2016 render

behringer 4 behringer poly
4 voices.. (minimum)4 voice


watch video 3..
it’s polyphonic!

Vile Electrodes, Richard Divine and others show to us ..
the new Behringer – a bit hidden and Rolandish in layout. Well the name may not be Eurosynth EX8000 but listen, it sounds quite cool.

they said “around 500€” – so let’s check how much it actually is.

btw: so happy they asked Vile Electrodes, they are cute in everything they do.

Looks like the MIDAS-Team ist the only one envolved, since it is an all-UK group until now showing and wowing it.
I count 29 white keys –  it’s 4 octaves then. for a monophonic synth it might be a bit too much – so big hope for polyphony of up to 6 voices could be – but none of the demos are polyphonic.

the synth has: 2 DCOs, ADSR Envelope (it says “envelope” but could be more than one), Sync (do I hear it at the beginning) – yes- it’s 2 OSCs! – does it? well – maybe sync isn’t for OSC sync but for some LFO/Arp ext. Sync? We don’t know – so we are still in wait-mode. it’s 2 LFOs! (confirmed).
and PWM per OSC. Note that DCO means analog sound but controlled digitally! so it is analogue!

2nd video (don’t know the people in here, but..)

2 lfos

… but it is a real synth, less juni’ish but a bit like the looks of it or polysix or so, but it has all those features we expect it to have. and yes, they have the power – that’s the Midas team since they aquired them (and the X32) and all their analogue expertise.

we had so many guesses and stuff.


detail 4 detail 2 detail 3

behringer behringer 2 behringer 3

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Blue Lantern – Dwarf Star – analog synth

don’t know much about this – especially how it really sounds like

it appears to me like they did modules and now try the Cwejman approach – here’s a cool looking synth (that isn’t meant negatively – it may be a good start to the (semi) modular world ..?

I just post it because I kind of liked it when I saw it – it’s a classic

• 2 OSC synth with classic wave shapes for each OSC
• has 2 sub OSCs

•2 ENVs – AR plus !? which is possibly me not seeing D/S?
•multimode filter

•can do sync and since it has jacks it can do FM as well.

•time and rev cv seems like it has a CV-able Reverb and there is a •S/H unit as well, so it has quite a lot to offer.

•2 LFOs – if I am right.

1.2k Pound isn’t super cheap, but it looks like worth an ear ..

blue lantern dwarf star

Forum • Blue Lantern – Dwarf Star.

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Roland Aira – analog Synth coming up – Reon in a Roland case?

MusikMesse 2015:
Here’s a pic taken by someone at GS – on the right you see REON Synths (Driftboxes I guess – btw very high quality sounding synth!). on the left is a “normal” eurorack modular system and in between – there is a Aira-Styled something that does not seem to have patch jacks but may be some sort of:

-UPDATE: no – driftbox, they got a new modular system for us called the System 500 and digital modules series!

1) System 1 tech modeling which is obviously very good and could simulate System 100, 100m and 700 things – it may not provide a lot of voices but a good sound and access. there is a display and maybe patching is possible another way or it is sort of integrated.

2) it could be a more closed analog synth based on Reon
3) the new stuff that is in the JD Xi / Xa Synths

MY guess is – it’s a “repackaged” Reon – so it’s analog.
anyway it is new to me that Roland is doing this – but why not?
Reon got a full modular system, so sequencers and synth and other stuff could be in, not just the Driftbox – of course.

and a new System 1 Rack will be show up at Musikmesse as well!aira mod synth

Na? was könnte das sein? Neues Aira Modular-Ähnliches Ding? Das Format ist wirklich klein, daher wird die Spekulation einige Antworten nicht ermöglichen wie Mehrstimmig-irgendwas, eher ein klar abgegrenztes sehr anzunehmen ist auch das analoge “Zeug” von Reon (das ist was ich annehme, also analog und gut – aber die Größe ist weitgehend gleich) oder aber auch anders – denn rechts sieht man die Driftbox, die es bei Roland im Vertrieb gibt und die übrigens erstaunlich gut klingt.  Das kommt dann im nächsten SynMag Ausgabe 50 (yeah!)
Im Forum wird spekuliert:  Roland Aira Modular

und außerdem gibt es eine Art neues System 1 als Rack – zur Messe..

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Roland JD-Xa Synthesizer (analog + digital!) + Aira MX

the JDXA synth is the “large” version of the new series that the JD Xi leak looked ahead on – and looks like this:
btw – Roland breaks it’s own rules not to use “old technology” to have an analog circuit integrated!

and we ALL did not even consider Roland will ever make analog again! including myself ;)


it has an analog and a digital part of a sound (layer).
quite classic layout and knobs – so it is more system 1 plus a bit of a ROM synths – but it is in fact both.

And the final Xa will be shown on Musikmesse 2015 – so I’ll tell you since SynMag will have a booth there ..

  • 4 independent analog monophonic voices,deep synthesis capabilities,  can be used as a 4-voice polysynth;
    –UPDATE: this could be 2 OSCs – 4 voices => 8 OSCs but also 4 OSCs for 1 voice – on the case you can see 2 OSCS plus AUX – so it is most likely 8 OSCS to work with 4 voices as a Jupiter 4 but obviously sounding a lot different – it’s something new
  • 4 additional synth voices, based on Roland’s SuperNatural technology;
  • 8 channels of step sequencing, patterns chainable – it’s TR-style so this is btw the coolest thing to have in a SYNTH!! I do not really need more “analog” stuff but I hope Roland and others to do more performance sequencers into their synths that are capable of more than 16 or 64 steps – seems they did it! and that’s why one should buy it – just for them to let them know – they are right!
  • ___
  • more to come (be updated here) soon.
    on the case it says:
  • 2 OSC + 1 AUX source to 1 filter (analog)
  • 3 OSCs to 3 filters in the digital domain
    – much like the Jupiter 80 and Gaia
  • (possibly) a sequencer (yet) like on the JD Xi but it’s 16 buttons so – I guess there is! so there should be PCM drums as well.

both combined.
but wait for real and final specs.

Hier haben wir es mit einem analogen und digitalen Teil zu tun, der große Bruder des JD Xi, der sogar einen TR-Sequencer mit Drums zu bieten hat, ist hier die Struktur des Gaia, bzw des Jupiter 80 zu finden – nämlich 3 OSCs die in 3 filter laufen
– parallel dazu gibt es 2 analoge Oszillatoren (ggf. der dritte davon als Aux -> ext.Signal oder der digitale Teil als Gesamtheit), welche in ein analoges Filter laufen als Basis – die Struktur ist recht klassisch sonst – also ein neues Konzept – hybrid. Hätte man nicht gedacht, dass Roland mal analog wird, was?  Im Forum geht es weiter mit dem ROLAND JD XA !!

crossover synth


and – there is another Aira. Looks a lot like a DAW control. But..

18-Channel Performance Mixer with Step-Sequenced Effects (that’s what Roland did earlier EF303), Transport, and Tempo Control.

Might be the automation unit for Aira.


this is a really cool idea at 96kHz – that mixer integrates your hardware and …

they say:
The MX-1 Mix Performer brings together your synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks, and more into a single performance-optimized mixing instrument. Combining elements of a mixer, control surface, audio interface, and step-based effector, the MX-1 is designed to be the nerve center of your electronic music rig. It’s a mixer you can play…  -> AIRA MX

it’s 4 USB ports to be used to mix the AUDIO and MIDI!
so it’s one USB to be plugged into the MX and it’s all done.
FX are for each channel individually – delay, flanger, scatter etc.
sp/dif – MIDI in/out, 4 ins..
4×16 scenes
there is an internal midi clock so the beats are tight to the beat on all machines.



mx plan


System 1 gets Promars Plug-Out added

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Synthileaks II: Korg SQ1 Step Sequencer, MS20M Desktop (flat design), Korg ARP Odyssey Updates

SynthiLeaks II pre NAMM 2015 brings us:
the 1 Voice, (2015)  Korg MS20M Analog Synthesizer

this is what you get when you did your 2hrs work – all assembled – see the above link for all parts of that kit:

Korg MS20M synthesizer

which is a rack or desktop MS20 without keys (seems to be a kit, m is for “module” in the meaning of “expander”)
rumour: switch between old and new filter type on MS20M?

the MS20M is totally superior to the normal MS20:

it has:

• OSC Sync (VCOs)
• FM (VCOs) !!
• Filter Switch Rev 1 / 2
• LFO accepts PWM
so it is sort of MS50 (FM), MS10 (PWM) and MS20 Deluxe (Sync – has never been in an MS synth)!
and more details that are a big improvement like CV control stuffs (V/Oct – not just Hz/V) and multiples..
1427,00 EUR (incl vat – germany) / Kit – that doesn’t mean you need to solder – it’s more like you need to assemble some parts like the Moog Werkstatt – thats not cheap but it can do a lot more!

-> deutsch: getestet.

shown in this video

and a miniature SQ1 analog step sequencer that looks a lot like a nano control from the top but has pots and buttons for simple step sequencing – sync out/in for Volca control with gate/CV
it has 2 channels – 2 CV outs – one gate – no MIDI, just USB. and isn’t flat – it’s a box.

note the MS20M is flat/desktop design – so it is a lot nicer to handle on stage etc. and you can be seen when operating it.

Es gibt einen neuen Step Sequencer von Korg -> Forum: Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer – es gibt Gate/CV Anschlüsse und Sync in/out für die Volcas -> Volca Beats etc.
Er kann sehr offensichtlich die Abspielrichtung ändern, hat verschiedene Stimmung-Quantisierungen an Bord…

-> deutsch: getestet.

Korg MS20M + SQ1 Korg MS20M

Die neuen / zusätzlichen Anschlüsse unten am neuen MS20M, einem Desktop MS20 ohne Tasten, sind Multiples! M steht übrigens für Module, also “Expander” im weiteren Sinne (nicht für modular).

korg sq1 sequencer

New Korg SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer, Plus MS-20 Module Kit – Create Digital Music

ps: an look what they also have 4 us:

and a valve / tube on a chip called nutube..

korg nutube

Kaoss DJ – with touch interface like the Kaossilator 2s (like KPmini 2s)
kaoss DJ

MS20M the rack “Module” kit of the MS20 – SQ1 Sequencer
ms20m kit sq1

the master: Tatsuya Takahashi (right) – talking the odyssey and the magic of 3 filters – the synth is 14% smaller…
#arpsichordtatsuya takahashi korg

#korg odyssey – and 3/4 smaller (totally love that! others might not want it? Forum says 54:14 they want large keys ->Umfrage: sind dir große oder mini Tasten wichtig ?)
– $999 – in the us. the 1973-one was $1400 back then. – these are the same synths but different look. btw: all PPC no knob (which is good).

–> Korg Odyssey in SynthDB <— and final tech specs.

portamento: switch for 2 modes (they were different)
3 filters – switch (12dB/oct), 24 dB/Oct Moog infringe and ARP filter
korg odyssey 3x

Mr.Takahashi again..

Mr.David Friend of ARP, ex President
david friend

Authentic enough! Here’s my demo (with german review – hier ist mein kleiner Test und Audio zum Vergleich)

and unboxing his first new & smaller ARPsichord..
unboxing the first korg arp


the back side – MIDI, USB, trigger/gate/CV and the Mk3’ish XLR!
odyssey back


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Leshrac´s Lab SynVoice SynVoiz 1

▶ Leshrac´s Lab SynVoice demoed by Leaf Audio.

This is a special analog synth,
limited editon of 15 by https://www.facebook.com/Leshrac.music

Listened to it.. very fine sound!
leshrac synvoiz 1

__ Just some little Updater: Roland 
since it’s not enough info to do another post: Roland TR8 will get another update soon – most likely with TR707 and TR727 sound sets .

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