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Audiowerkstatt – trigger2midi2trigger – Analog-Trigger/Clock <-> MIDI

Diese kleine Serie hatte ich mal im SynMag #45 vorgestellt, sie hat einen neuen Kollegen (189€)

Was macht es?
Clocksignale / Triggersignale <-> MIDI


  • Ein Gerät hat keine analogen Triggereingänge, braucht aber MIDI Clock – dies wäre der passende Umwandler.
  • S-Trigger in V-Trigger wandeln
  • Clock hat falsches Tempo bzw. soll dem anderen Tempo angepasst werden in musikalischen Einstellungen

im Detail sieht das dann so aus:

Trigger-Clock in MIDI-Clock-Signale und umgekehrt.

1. Clock-Quelle (MIDI-Clock oder analoge Trigger-Clock).
2. Trigger-Format des analogen Eingangs (S-Trigger oder V-Trigger).
3. Trigger-Format des analogen Ausgangs (S-Trigger oder V-Trigger).
4. Clock-Divider der eingehenden analogen Trigger-Clock (1/4, 1/8. 1/16 oder 1/32).
5. Clock-Divider der ausgehenden analogen Trigger-Clock (1/4, 1/8. 1/16 oder 1/32).
6. Pulse-Länge der ausgegebenen analogen Trigger-Clock (in 6 Stufen einstellbar, wobei die Pulse-Länge dann in Abhängigkeit von Clock-Divider und Geschwindigkeit der Clock berechnet wird).

a) „S-Trigger“ -> „V-Trigger“ Wandler
b) „V-Trigger“ -> „S-Trigger“ Wandler
c) analog Clock-Divider
d) analog Clock-Multiplier
e) Gate -> Trigger Wandler
f) Trigger -> Gate Wandler mit einstellbarer Gate-Länge

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Oval – Hang-Style Instrument (sends & senses MIDI)

Das Instrument hat den Hang ein wenig wie ein Hang auszusehen, ist aber elektronisch. Es hat mehrere X/Y-Felder mit jeweils 5 Drucksensoren – und es gibt ein Video dazu – die Macher brauchen noch etwas Support.

  • Dimensions: 420 x 420 x125 mm
  • Weight: 3,1 kg
  • Materials: Solid Surface with acrylic, quartz, marble and bauxite.
  • Rechargeable long-lasting lithium battery via USB.
  • Class-compliant MIDI over USB connectivity through Lightning on iOS and USB on Android and any other operating system.
  • Bluetooth BLE connectivity with Apple BLE MIDI compatibility on iOS8 and OSX Yosemite
  • External input for a pedal or external controller
  • ARM Cortex M3 microprocessor
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy
    oval bunt

bei / at ovalsound.com

oval instrument

this instrument looks a lot like a hang but it’s electronic – just found it because I was following Hannah Peel, who is in a studio that looks a lot like that of John Foxx’es, in’it?

the instrument needs support, so..
here’s where to go – you can control and set it up with an app.
note – it has reached the Kickstarter goals – but you can only get one THERE, so..

these “pads” are registering x/y position and pressure – it’s 5 sensors per pad and a multicolour LED showing what it is sensing..


->Another MIDI Hang but seams without those 5 sensors:  Digital MIDI Hang?

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Stereoping Synth-Controller für Microwave, Matrix Serie, Roland JX8P & …

A new little controller for JX8P, Matrix Series, Microwave (…) and other pre-knob synths to control the most important parameters directly..

Dieser kleine Controller ist universell für eine Reihe analoger (und hybrider) Synthesizer die ohne Knöpfe auskommen mussten. -> Stereoping Controller

Derzeit gibt den Stereoping Synth Controller für folgende Synthesizer

quelle: Stereoping Synth-Controller für Roland JX8P und mehr / Hersteller: http://www.stereoping.com

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Teenage Engineering Oplab – anything to Synth-interface and back

Oplab is a special “modular” workspace that can be set up yourself and sync’s USB and MIDI with something you built or already have in the analog domain

• 2 x USB host port 
• 1 x USB device port 
• 2 x CV IN or any Analogue IN 
• 2 x CV OUT or any Analogue OUT 
• MIDI In / Out / Thru 
• Sync 24 
• Program selection switches

it’s somewhere between NOT soldering but still developing stuff but have all the tools at hand 

aaand- there are 3 types of sensors – Tap, Flip and Poke that allow you to use their signal to control anything on this little translator like MIDI, CV or USB/MIDI..
harhar – there is a shoe with a rubber side pocket as well so you could control some synth – switch on electric bulbs (as long as they are legal) and add it to your music..

Tap – is a microphone sensor (triggering!)
Flip – is an accelerometer (get the physical side like shaking, turning and moving it around into synths)
Poke – pressure sensitive

Mit diesem kleinen Teil kann man Drücke, Drehungen und Berührungen an MIDI, Synths und CV ausgeben oder synchronisieren (wie wär’s mit einem Herzschlag to Beat DIY Interface?) und zurück, da USB und MIDI auch eingebunden werden können sowie die drei Sensorentypen wie oben erklärt..

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Audiowerkstatt – MIDI Restarter

like to jam live?

This little tool by audiowerkstatt is one of a series of little MIDI helpers – it allows to restart any MIDI slave machine without stopping the master – this may be helpful in a MIDI-coupled jam situation or just in case your list set goes wild..


Jamst du viel mit diversen Sequenzen oder mit anderen?

Dieser kleine MIDI-Helfer hilft einen der MIDI Slaves auch mitten in einem Jam mit MIDI-Verbund ohne stoppen des Masters fließend ohne stoppen des Masters weiter machen zu können.


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MIDI & Sequencer for Korg Polysix Expansion Modysix (tubbutec)

Tubbutec has created a MIDI kit for the Korg Polysix.
Es soll bald eine MIDI Erweiterung für den Polysix geben, der Name wird grade im Forum gesucht

Korg Polysix Poly6 synthesizer
6 Voice, (1981)  Korg Polysix , Poly 6 Analog Synthesizer

– die Features werden diese sein / it adds:

  • MIDI in / out
  • Sustain Pedal input
  • 2/3 voice modes, polychord, unison extended with gate retrigger
  • additional arpeggiator & sequencer including chords
  • access via buttons
  • MIDI controls Arp Triggering, Clock, Filter etc.
  • easy to install.
  • Name is yet to be found Namensfindung für Polysix Erweiterung – looks like Modysix or Holysix might win..

modysix MIDI kit


Info / Einführung dazu: Forum • Namensfindung für Polysix Erweiterung.

here’s another fine Mod to the Polysix called the Polysex Mod by the same Berlin-based guy..

btw – the info and manual must be written – after that you can order.. first being hand made, as the last one will..


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Audiowerkstatt – MIDI Clock Divider

Little MIDI Clock Divider – simply does what it should do – set the division and make everything behind it 1/ slower. From Berlin with love.

Eigentlich ein einfaches Gerät – es verlangsamt die anhängenden Teile um den Faktor, der 1/X eingestellt wird. 1/1 ist Original-Geschwindigkeit.

Simpler Helfer 119€ im Direktvertrieb aus Berlin

–> midi-clock-divider | audiowerkstatt.de.

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KissBox Network/WiFi to MIDI to CV – the missing link


Never been “cheap” but it has always been the missing link between MIDI, WiFi and now – Analog CV – it’s now another nice and smart box that brings iPads, Computers and CV together without MIDI – and note – you could also control any analog gear via iPad
it also has Envelopes and LFOs and assigns 8 voices to it

the Kiss Box was made to attach any controller to Hardware MIDI without true need of a computer in between. but it can be configured via Plugins/Computer but not needed to take it on stage or so.. so here’s the CV part add. to the MIDI Kiss Box.

Standalone HD control engine for analog synthesizers, with integral 32 bits processing paths
• Transforms any analog machine into a fully programmable system
• No computer or extra module required to generate control signals
• Replaces 24 LFO, 16 ADBSSR EG and 24 modulations matrices
• Preconfigured matrices for VCO, VCF and VCA control
• 14 functions available on each output, with 8 voices polyphony support (VCO Control, VCF Control, VCA Control, LFO1/2/3, EG1/2, Note Gate, Resonance Control, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Gate)
• 16 bits outputs (0V to 10V) without sample/hold for maximum signal purity
• Direct integration in Max/MSP with a dedicated object, in order to generate control signals from Max/MSP in real-time (for example, using a ~adsr object)
• VST plugin used as Editor/Librarian, for direct integration in sequencers and Digital Audio Workstations

KissBox the Network Answer

(triggered via synthtopia & matrix) – thx guys!

bzw: some other similar things you might want:

1) The Missing Link –
is an OSC / Wifi to MIDI Translator without the need of a translating computer The Missing Link : Jabrudian Industries LLC

2) A MIDI Host – takes USB-MIDI from Controllers and sends out MIDI – since your USB-MIDI Controller has no MIDI Ports -> Kenton MIDI USB Host

3) MIDI to MIDI – wireless by PandaMidi

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Koma RH301 Rhythm Workstation – MIDI to any analog – SyncBox

The RH301 Rhythm Workstation / Utility Tool b< KOMA Elektronik is basically a sync box with clock division individually for each signal.

Sync LFOs, Clock Signals (Sequencers, Drum Machines) to MIDI.

start at 0:34 !


400€ – has an LFO and Envelope on board to be triggered by external sources and to divide the clock (musically) and send it to DIN Sync and MIDI  as well

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