3.9. Oberhausen – Katastrophia, Te/Dis, Qual, Group A

!-warmup / aftershow:
Dr. Creep / Die Klapse
P Krazy / Unikatineur
-music like: darkwave – angstpop – batcave – postpunk – witchhouse

20°° Delirium Screening  / Music: Drug Machine (SP404 based)
21°° Katastrophia – Preset Portable Key with Ringmod Pedals – great Job on that!, Piano 2x Things with Strings & FX Kaoss Pad Quad, Vocals
22°° Te/DIS – Yamaha Vector Synth SY35/22 & Microbrute, Vox
23°° QUAL – MPC1000, Waldorf Pulse II, Volca (FM), Vox
24°° Group A – MS20 Mini, TR707, FX, Violin & FX, Vocals
01°° Dj`s

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      1. Jaja, verstehe schon. Bloß wenn auf 29 Pix kein einziger zahlender Zuschauer zu sehen ist (und sei es ein Kopf von hinten), fängt man´s Grübeln automatisch an.

  1. +++ BREAKING NEWS +++

    Roland Sampler bestätigt!

    „I have someone with insider info hint that Roland would be releasing a Performance Sampler at its 9/09 event. He didn’t give me much more than that, I was asking about the new Pioneer Toraiz and he recommended that I wait until after the event to see their product.“


    P.S.: Wichtige Info zum Toraiz: „I just confirmed it does not output Midi Clock when in DJ Link mode.“

      1. > Ein spezieller und etwas
        > negativer Denkansatz, nicht
        > meine Welt. Sorry.

        Aber man wird doch wohl noch fragen dürfen, oder? Deine Welt ist recht überschaubar klein, wie die der Jazzer. Ihr seid Idealisten – im besten Sinne des Wortes. Eure Mucke ist es, die „sehr speziell“ ist. Kein Vorwurf.

        Bei Gearslutz postete gerade jemand etwas total Irres:

        „Aside from what’s mentioned there’s official word that besides Boutique ACB versions they are launching a limited run of 1 to 1 recreations. Limited run of 909 units of a tr 909, 303 units of the tb303 and 8 units of the Jupiter 8 and, 808 units of the tr808. I can’t wait. Saw this on my feed earlier. Pre-order already in.“

        Das wäre Wahnsinn, wenn Roland in der Tat acht nachgebaute Jupiter-8 releasen würde. Erinnert an die fünf Yamaha VP-1, von denen einer bei Reinhold Heil in L.A. steht.

          1. jetzt sei doch nicht beleidigt. okay, es waren zuschauer da, die du mit absicht nicht fotografiert hast, einigen wir uns darauf.

            etwas anderes, wichtiges, woraus du einen separaten blog entry machen solltest imo…

            Montage v1.29 firmware Update released:

            New features:
            – User Arpeggio function has been added.
            – Song Loop playback function has been added.
            – Element / Operator Control has been added for „Control Function.“
            – You can now store Control Function settings as Performance data.
            – You can now separately mute original Parts and newly added Parts by Performance Merge.
            – Monitor Volume settings for USB connection have been added.
            – You can now control the Super Knob by MIDI Control Change messages.
            – You can now copy or exchange Arpeggio Types.
            – You can now copy or exchange Motion Sequences.
            – You can now copy or exchange between Live Sets in different Banks on a page basis.
            – The MONTAGE Connect computer application is now supported.
            – MOTIF XS data (X0A, X0V, X0G, and X0W) can now be loaded to MONTAGE.
            – Live Set display can now be displayed during Audio playback.
            – Knob Brightness setting can now be stored.
            – Flags (tone generation attributes of Performance) can now be automatically set and displayed.
            – Arp Bypass and Kbd Ctrl Lock functions have been added for „Effect Switch.“
            Fixed problems:
            – Fixed a problem in which all buttons, sliders, and knobs on the panel would not work after power-on.
            – Fixed a problem in which the Super knob would not work after power-on.
            – Fixed other minor problems.

            hier mein kommentar im yamaha synth forum:

            neither fish nor fowl. track to arp is good, but still no meaningful way to record tracks one after the other, instead of simultaneously. (smorenburg´s workaround is way too cumbersome.) laughable. would be an easy fix. „Song Loop playback function has been added.“ so what does that mean? still no loop recording possible? we need a copy function, most importantly. to be able to copy a specified area of recorder data is super-convenient for repeating the same phrase several times. yamaha wants us to record each and every chorus separately. how odd is that? how about erasing mistakes? still no way to erase recorder data inside a specified area. they should also implement copy arp to track. it would allow users to place arps in destination tracks. in a measure dialog box, one would be able to specify the beginning bar of the copy-destination. man, this board has so much potential but it´s so aggravating to try and record stuff it´s not worth it imho. i love the montage except i can´t use it in its present state. the recorder is screwed up. so sad.

            wann kommt denn dein montage-test im heft, oder hab ich das übersehen?
            gruß & peace.

          2. in SynMag 58. Layout läuft gerade.

            Peace gern angenommen, ist nur wichtig zu sagen, wie es ist. Gibt bestimmt noch andere Fotos von dort, war nicht der einzige der Fotos gemacht hat, mind 5-6 haben auch fotografiert. Einer sogar mit Polaroid!

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