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8.7. Köln – Peter Zinovieff (EMS Founder) & Lucy Railton, Matt Wand

Köln (Cologne), Alte Feuerwache – Reihe M:
(im Forum angekündigt: 8.7. Köln, Matt Wand, Peter Zinovieff (EMS) und Lucy Railton)

-> the KHM Klanglabor Q&A with Peter Zinovieff is here

Peter Zinovieff, Gründer von EMS (in den 70ern) hatte heute eine Vorführung und Konzert mit Cellistin Lucy Railton. Er spielte einige seiner Werke. Ja, einige Nerds waren sicher auch wegen der Gründung der Electronic Music Studios hier, aber daran erinnerte Peter primär mit seiner Kleidung.

Peter Zinovieff Lucy Railton Lucy Railton Peter Zinovieff

thank you Peter for the EMS Synthi AKS
Bunker Noise III

Ein anderer EMS User spielte schon in der Reihe M in Köln, Thomas Lehn..

Davor baute Matt Wand langsam im Saal Nanoloop-Minigameboys aus, die kleine Sequenzen und Noises spielten. Jeder davon in einem Gefäß mit Minispeakern. Man konnte (und sollte auch, so Matt) umher gehen und sich alles ansehen und hören, von wo welche Sounds kamen. Ein Spiel mit dem Raum.

Matt Wand Matt Wand 2 Wand Plan one of them matt performance

I just saw Matt Wand, who placed little gadgets with nanoloop in the hall, to make them sound from everywhere – they played sequences and noises and everyone was invited to stand up and have a listen within the room – after that Peter „EMS“ Zinovieff showed us where it all started, played and explained some of his works – he stopped in 1975 and started over in 2K, Lucy Railton joined to play the Cello in the last works. nice fluffy atmosphere, not like the german „neue musik“ performers / composers / conductors like Stockhausen ;)

thank you so much, Peter, for the EMS..


more-> the KHM Klanglabor Q&A with Peter Zinovieff is here

Peter Zinovieff, EMS-Founder @ KlangLabor KHM Cologne

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  1. […] His first pre-EMS works with computers in the 60s, studio work and founding of EMS – Electronic Music Studios, the Putney Studio and the product that never made it – a very deep filter system – which was actually not produced, but prototyped and the musical works – and q&a at the end of the speech. Thank you Peter for coming and permission to post the speech – note that this wasn’t made for posting – it’s just a phone and was just intended for me to remember it. The Eurorack-Modular and that Computer was / is part of the cologne lab at the khm for the students. we were a small group of data-hungry humans – and we were fed.(the concert “yesterday” he mentions was this one.) […]

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