Peter Zinovieff – about EMS @ Klanglabor KHM Köln / Cologne

Peter Zinovieff, (Co-Founder of EMS with David Cockerell, Robin Wood, etc…) gave us some words on 9.July.


His first pre-EMS works with computers in the 60s, studio work and founding of EMS – Electronic Music Studios, the Putney Studio and the product that never made it – a very deep filter system – which was actually not produced, but prototyped and the musical works – and q&a at the end of the speech. Thank you Peter for coming and permission to post the speech – note that this wasn’t made for posting – it’s just a phone and was just intended for me to remember it. The Eurorack-Modular and that Computer was / is part of the cologne lab at the khm for the students. we were a small group of data-hungry humans – and we were fed.
(the concert “yesterday” he mentions was this one.)


the EMS Synthi A(KS) looks like this (nothing special just for those who’ve never seen one)