Akai APC20/40 Effect Sequencer and access for Ableton Live with Max

AKAI APC Effect Sequencer by Mark Egloff this is IDM / Glitch Sequencer from Akai and Ableton with Max4Live,

note this is only for Akais APCs, maybe Launchpads CAN be adapted after clicking a lot of things in the Max Editor. That Patch is free and can be downloaded here http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device.php?id=879

what is it? it’s sort of a motion recording or better animation of effects – you will find a TR style chase light but it’s just to show the „cursor“  – you can access the effect in the chain represented by the „lower“ row of buttons, the parameters will now be accessible via the knobs on the right of the APC40. even if you just enable the device (the effect) will help to animate it easily, the nice addition is to be able to set the „step time“ speed. of course this will be interesting to other more electronic styles but also just for acoustic players who just want a reverb just be on at – say the 1st and 3rd. count. if there’s still minimal around, isn’t it a classical feature to do that with this tool? well, I don’t own an APC, so have fun if you got one..

Forum: AKAI APC EFX Sequencer für Max4Live (Glitch)

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