AKAI SynthStation for iPad

of course a bit too small keys for the Phones, so this is for iPads only – 8€, looks like a nice „all in one“ package – the „CS01 of today“ …
has 3 OSCs,with PWM – so it’s more than that..

  • Three virtual-analog synthesizers, each with three oscillators
  • Range of drum kits and sequencer
  • Create melodic and accompaniment parts using arpeggiator with preset patterns
  • Unlimited creativity with effects and filters

here’s the LFO

on the iPhone it also works, but it may not be playable with those screen „keyboard“ keys.

YouTube – AKAI SynthStation sneak peek 2.

Akai Synthstation – im forum..

on the iphone better go for the battery powered KB ($99US incl the app)

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