Apple Event 9.Sept.2014 – iPhones 6 & Apple Watch

Well, Apple are now close to say something they „wish to say more“ – the keynote will be at 19:00 (german time) – all nerd and fanboy-sites are set .. the live stream will be from this building – they did a lot – days and weeks before – there have been so many rumours about watches, iPhones and – for us musicians – new larger iPads as well as mobile computers without any ventilation/fans at all maybe based on ARM technology (as iPads do) but working with OS X. Also under the hood and service – there has been rumours about things that won’t touch music topics that much – so I do expect some hipster/lifestyle stuff rather than things to work with / on this time and – the new iPhone 6 in 2 sizes as expected.

so – this post will be updated – if something happens that is important to some of us.

otherwise this is the only post updated the next hours.. The Stream will be here
the stream did not work at all for me – almost no single minute without glitches – so it wasn’t fun..

There is a new (one more) thing called the Apple Watch – it requires the iPhone 5 – 6 plus to be used, it is able to measure your pulse – it can be controlled via a little cursor scroll wheel and touch. I is something like remote control for things and can even be used for payment . but it’s more like something to show then to really need one. and btw – it’s more made for sport fans…
Payment is also new as an App called Apple Pay and will not work outside the US and only with mainstream shops and requires iPhone 6 since it needs NFC to work – this is sort of the opposite of where I buy at and I am not in the US – will come later .. as an update of iOS 8 – so for us europeans seems more or less something not yet important.

there’s some things that are „nice“ but more like „geek guy’s“ kind o „nice“ but is not something one must have – at least for me.

iPhones 6 and 6 Plus are new  – and almost exactly what you could read on the geek fan sites – got NFC for payment on board as well, the larger 5.5″ iPhone 6plus has a higher resolution (full HD 1920×1080 pixels instead of 1334×750 on the smaller 4,7″ one). Means – the Apps can make use of the larger screen and they even have it in the OS, – horizontal view brings more info like on the iPad, so it’s sort of more when you get one of these.. Btw there is no 32GB model, but still a 16GB one – really redicoulous! sorry. But it goes up to 128GB.

overall it has „more“ like faster WLAN and more LTE bands – the rest is more referring to iOS 8 news.

Price is that of the previous iPhone 5s – the 5s will be 100€ cheaper, the 6plus is 100€ more expensive. The Cam seems better but not much – but improved at a quite low resolution (8MP).

It’s 25% faster than iPhone 5s which is really FAST – it has a new processor A8 – so it makes sense for anyone who want an iPhone. This is the most important one – iOS 8 will be downloadable on 17.Sept. 2014
for musicians: nothing of importance … most of it has been said at WWDC  
ok — just keep on until the next event – OS X / Yosemite that might bringt new small Macbooks or a large iPad (thats rumours, still)..

so Apple is no longer something with an i but something with an Apple in it’s name – no iWatch, no iPay but Apple Pay and Apple Watch. But all not too important for us in europe for now. so what. And Steve? it’s is an ordinary company – now. took 3 years to let them all look like Samsung, huh?

Was kommen wird zum nächsten Event:
Die ARM-Macbooks (oder was auch immer sie sind) werden spannend, wenn sie kommen. Aber ich befürchte sie werden keine Audio-Monster sein, eher reduziert. Wenn ich Apple wäre würde ich versuchen günstige kompakte sehr flache Books zu bauen, die wenig Strom brauchen und keinen Lüfter – mit OS X. Und diese können und werden kaum oder keine Anschlüsse haben, alles ist WLAN, Bluetooth und Co. Sowas könnte deshalb flach sein und billiger – für Apple bilig. Also Studenten, Unwegsler und so bedienen.
Das halte ich für das realistischste, und Retina Display natürlich. Ein Formfaktor wie iPad – nur eben nicht Touch.

Diskussion hier 9.9. Cupertino: Neue iPhones 6 / 6+ und Apple Watch

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