Apple Event: New Hardware iPad – but only iPod OS – ain’t that cool? not yet,Steve

Will it be OS X or just a „bigger iPod Touch“? Will it need jailbreak to be free in choice of any ISP or mobile something? what size? so is it a netbook for real or sort of game pad kind of enlarged something and what kind of app will run and what will it bring to us musicians. a new controller / multi touch interface to work as a smarter and cheaper Lemur? open or just a joke? – it’s Steve-day today. let’s find out.

there are rumours about new Macbooks /Pro/Air and some little other stuff (not so important to the music people but possibly for iPhone Apps / OS)

Parallel-Artikel in deutsch über den Stand der Gerüchte: Ansehen (link gelöscht) Möge seine Steveheit uns nicht entTOYschen.

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Note: the processor power will not be as big as a Macbook’s Intel, but think about this as a controller and as a direct „StarTrek“ kind of music controller controlled by gestures.

„that could be mashup“

but it isn’t it’s a larger iPod Touch with 9.7″ Screen, max 64GB, quite 4:3’ish format- . as you can see here – it’s no longer a secret.

means: this can not be a real computer but still be a LEMUR sort of touch-controller.. (engadget pic here:)

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