Apple: new iMacs + iLife / iMovie / Garageband etc.

new glossy screen iMacs made of glas and alu – fully recylecable case.

Steve Jobs is talking new, now products coming soon..

HD up to 1 TByte, 2 Versions: 20 and 24″, no more 17″. 4 GB Ram. 2,8 Ghz

looks like this (from

D: Neuer iMac mit 4GB, 2,8 Ghz und max 1TB Festplatte und Remote-Tastatur, auch gibt es ein neues iLife 08 mit neuen Features und vergleichsweise vielen Änderungen..

also new iLife 8, some changes made here. Looks there’s a spreadsheet app added? we don’t know.. anyway updates en masse at 50$ and I guess the same amount over here in €. Don’t know if Apple learns how to spell NRPN Editor some time (cascaded controllers), but logic still waiting for a successor since others don’t have drawable NRPN Editors, too.. MIDI is not on their plans, audio is.. still.. new minimac also, see extra post..

New Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

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