Arturia Spark Drum Machine … some more info

Arturia updated their info about Spark, the Drum Machine that reminds of the NI Maschine – 64 Steps, Dynamic Pads, some modeling synthesis stuff especially for drums.
Arturia Spark
there is a looper and 2D pad inside..

there is a simulation of the TR808 and 909 and another one called SciFi Mons as well as Snares and classic drums as a modeling engine along with sampling (of course). So most of all here is based on earlier products that concentrate on drumming think of the virtual synths and products they got and you might know, what is in here…
Spark has MIDI in & out and USB, no Thru (as most computer stuff) and DAW integration. inf fact this thing is a lot like an „electribe“ for computers with a dedicated controller – long awaited… with TR-style programming.

-> Arturia – Musical Instruments | Guided tour.

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