Audiobus – connecting apps – app to app streaming!

Audiobus is an interesting way to connect to stream audio and to manipulate that audio via multiple apps. this is audio „networking/streaming“  for a bunch of audio process afficionados like’s another blog that posted about it Audiobus Approved By Apple » Synthtopia

whould be great to try to connect multiple or just 2 iOS devices to be used as one „modular“ system somewhere later (when there’s enough power and the connections are fast enough to get it all done at low latencies)

audio streaming for iOS

in the us app store already, not yet over here in germany. –> Audiobus has been approved by Apple – Audiobus

here’s more clear talk about it and an impression how it looks like for us non US people..

discchord – Music App News, Reviews & Tutorials – NLog officially supports Audiobus – here’s an audio demo where 2 apps of different developers work hand in hand..

mit dem Audiobus von App zu App von iOs iDingsgerät  zu einem anderen wäre sicher noch interessanter – so die Latenz und das System dies ermöglichst angesichts schnellerer Prozessoren (ein A6 als Prozessor ist ja schon mal namentlich sehr angenehm für Musikanten), scheint interessant zu sein -> iOs is the new Bodentreter? Processor Modularkettenverschaltungs-Verarbeiter?

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  1. […] reminds a bit of the OS X tool Audulus , a bit of Audiobus  in iOs and VSTForx (all platforms). you may built memory and routing for FX, inputs, outputs, […]

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