Modular Routing Platform – Windows Rack Performer

Rack Performer – is a modular audio routing system that incorporates any audio signal and plugin routing with sample accuracy.

It reminds a bit of the OS X tool Audulus , a bit of Audiobus  in iOs and VSTForx (all platforms). you may built memory and routing for FX, inputs, outputs, mixers and plugins in your machine – so rack performer is a host application that can also incorporate sequencers and other control tools. so it is a bit more like the pulsar/scope environment than a classic modular synth – audio environment may be the best words to describe what it does..
note – this may also be your base for multichannel mixing and processing..

find Feature list in the comments -> here
Rack Performer - multi-channel processing

Rack Performer - simple patch

Rack Performer ist wie eine Art AUDIO PROZESSOR OBERFLÄCHE oder PLATTFORM, die modular angelegt ist, sie erinnert an die oben verlinkten Angebote – am meisten wohl Audulus mit etwas weniger „Synthesizer“Aspekt, hier fällt mir am meisten ein, komplexe Setup zu bauen die ggf mit vielen Kanälen und Lautsprechersystemen arbeiten – zB für 5.1 Surround oder viel viel mehr. Noch näher als Audulus ist wohl VSTForx an diesem Konzept.

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    In Patch mode, load and connect any number of effects and instruments
    Create patches easily and smoothly in a fast OpenGL-rendered patcher
    A large choice of built-in modules is available, with various mixing and processing effects, filters and many more
    VST plugins are fully supported, including MIDI sequencers and MIDI effects
    All connection schemes are possible, like multi-channel and side-chain routings
    Most internal modules support multi-channel streams (up to 7:1) on their inputs and outputs

    In Edit mode the application interface is full-screen without scrolling or overlapping windows
    Dispatch all module interfaces on up to 8 virtual screens, each holding its own rack of modules
    Select GUI wrappers to build custom control surfaces to focus only on important parameters
    Modules have their own presets bank where their state and configuration can be stored and recalled at will
    Quick MIDI controller mapping supports advanced types like 14bit CC and NRPN, along with mapping curves
    Easily create keyboard splits, layers and merges or transpose notes on the fly by using the provided MIDI effects
    Incoming MIDI events can be filtered by type at three levels: per MIDI input device, per input channel or ultimately per module

    High-precision sample-accurate engine allows for low jitter and ultra tight control and synchronization
    Events sequencing, automation and processing is completely sample-accurate from end to end. All nuances of the performance are more faithfully conveyed, recorded and reproduced
    Full sample accuracy also permits to have a complete patch delay compensation (PDC) that is not merely limited to delaying audio signals as all controls events are properly aligned
    Scene Snapshots are an original way to save and recall any instant of the performance in a flash
    Allocate dedicated audio output channels for audio monitoring, ideal to cue sounds on headphones before playing them
    Complete multi-channel real-time audio recording support. The recorder can stream to disk any number of channels from any point(s) in the patch
    Transport bar with auto-hide and a very slim design keeps all synchronization and master clock controls always accessible
    Use the Live Sync and Full Slave synchronisation modes to lock to external master clocks, using any standard protocol
    Synchronize to any source exactly like a DJ would do, with the manual sync controls, including Tap Tempo, Sync-to-Push and tempo skew

    Key features
    High-level modular host
    Over 100 internal modules
    VST plugins support
    Scene Snapshots
    Virtual Screens
    Low jitter sample-accurate sequencing engine
    Multichannel audio processing
    Multichannel HD recording
    Dedicated audio monitoring
    Audio: up to to 32 inputs and up to 32 outputs, full-duplex
    MIDI: up to 128 inputs and up to 128 outputs + routing
    MIDI Clock / MTC / MMC / MSC external sync

    Rack Performer pricing and availability
    Rack Performer is available immediatly world-wide and exclusively at Price for a single user license is €139.

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