Audulus 8€ – Modular Synth for OS X with remarkable gesture control (Magic Trackpad)

Mac App Store – Audulus is a very affordable synth, we are not talking apps here, it’s an OS X thing. Standalone but also includes HOSTing of AU as well as the App AS a plugin. It is basically modular and made for audio processing. No, I’m not saying it is like Reaktor but it is like Reaktors little daughter when she was a child. It has a remarkable user interface that makes use of multitouch gestures on the magic trackpad and the “node” concept reminding of Jasuto.But – it is NOT for iOs, but it should…

Features include:

* audio unit hosting – use your favorite plugins
* fluid interface – smooth animated interaction
* midi control – use your midi control surface or keyboard
* presets – quickly change between settings
* unlimited history – everything you do is stored
* polyphony – process multiple voices
* encapsulation – group nodes into sub-patches
* diverse nodes – from ADSR to ZeroCross
* audio unit version – run Audulus as an Audio Unit inside other apps (free download)
Screenshot 3Screenshot 2