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Audulus 3.5 – Modular Synth with remarkable gesture control (Magic Trackpad)

Update Audulus 3.5 – macOS, iOS, Windows & Linux.
Gestensteuerung – und sehr viele neue Module und Anpassungen in Version 3.5 – was als 8€ Mac-App startete läuft nur faktisch überall aber kostet jetzt 55€ im mac Store. Inkl AU Host.

iOS: Audulus 3 – Audulus LLC
macOS Audulus 3 – Audulus LLC

Plugins können ebenfalls eingebunden werden und das ist anders als bei anderen Systemen wie Reaktor etc.

you can integrate the computer, all plugins and stuff within this modular as a real modular audio and modulation patch and the newest thing is to co-work with the real modular (analog ones) – see the video demo below.

Modular System in Software.

Audulus Tutorial Livestream - Modular Synthesis 101 pt 1

in Contact with Modular Analog Synths

3D Sequencer Doepfer A-111-3 Micro Precision VCO Waveforms Demo

Mac App Store – Audulus is a very affordable synth, we are not talking apps here, it’s an macOS thing. Standalone but also includes HOSTing of AU as well as the App AS a plugin. It is basically modular and made for audio processing. No, I’m not saying it is like Reaktor but it is like Reaktors little daughter when she was a child. It has a remarkable user interface that makes use of multitouch gestures on the magic trackpad and the „node“ concept reminding of Jasuto which is gone – and it is for iOs, now as well…

Features included in 1st Version – now it’s 3.5!

  • audio unit hosting – use your favorite plugins
  • fluid interface – smooth animated interaction
  • midi control – use your midi control surface or keyboard
  • presets – quickly change between settings
  • unlimited history – everything you do is stored
  • polyphony – process multiple voices
  • encapsulation – group nodes into sub-patches
  • diverse nodes – from ADSR to ZeroCross
  • audio unit version – run Audulus as an Audio Unit inside other apps (free download)

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