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Free U-HE Protoverb // kleine Dinge & little things

nice free „analog(ish)“ reverb – simple and nice – schönes und einfaches und zudem kostenloses Plugin von U-He. Hier einige interessante weitere Information dazu: U-HE Protoverb ( kostenlos ) weitere Dinge: Roland – Sound Canvas VA – und Alternativen dazu. _ Festliches Getöse:  – Frohe Weihnachten und so … (Sammelbereich) – Last Minute Geschenktipps Play this nice little tune if you need something to do (Vanesa Paris,  from 22. Dezember um 16:27 – can not repost it here / link so you need to search yourself) …..–.-….—……—..-.-.-.-.——-..-……—….. Die Zukunft für Musiker in akustischer Form. und…

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Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverberator – dreamy melancholic soundscapes

Strymon BigSky Reverb – synth audio demoDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen a simple and nice and shimmering kind of little reverb machine is available in november. listen! 500€. Forum: …neuer Stern am Reverbhimmel here’s more audio demos, audio and video – more than worth a listen!! .http://www.strymon.net/bigsky/ Before I watched this video I thought, „Who needs 300 reverb presets?“ Then I watched this video and I think, „I need 300 reverb presets.“ very dreamscape kind of sound! sort of feels cool with vintage synths! would like to hear a very…

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NAMM11: Eventides Reverb Stompbox black hole

..Matrix says, the new Eventide Strombox will also feature reverb, it’s called black hole and may be a good idea for all of us playing live etc.. you may have heard of that video saying nothing but something will be coming, so this is worth waiting. will mark more/new stuff NAMM11 to help searching for it later. Eventide Space – Sneak Peak from Richard Devine on Vimeo. Für alle, die nach NAMM News suchen, Namm 2011 im Forum ansehen oder hier nach NAMM11 suchen,

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