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Autechre & R.Haswell @ Nijmegen NL

a concert in complete darkness – how to tell something about? well – hard to do so.

Autechre tried to avoid „drums“ more then ever, about 500 people just listened to electronic music with closed eyes, since the lights were switched of during their concert. maybe it is just enjoyable that it is possible to have so many people listening to radically electronic music without that classic pop or drum approach. everyone concentrated on the music!

Andy Maddock played a very good DJ set of things I’d like to hear in a club – no 4-to-the-floor-stuff.. enjoyed it! need to shazam™ a lot.

I could compile these tracks:
Right Way – Abstract Elements
DBridge – I’m feeling cold
Hidden Turn – How to
Silver Waves – V (giant swan remix)
Aftermath – Rawtekk
Datach’i – 122122
Aqiuarian – Bad Feeling / Insulin (2 Tracks)

and Mr. Haswell did noises on his modular synth – his set ended after about 35mins. he likes to destroy beats if they come up. DIY punk.
enjoyed his set at Incubate as well.

darkness @ Doornroosje, NL at the concert.

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2 Thoughts to “Autechre & R.Haswell @ Nijmegen NL”

  1. Ralf Gatzen

    This was a blast ! A sonic eargasm ! Haswell is punk, great !

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