Beardyman: The polyphonic me – voice on the morph’sis

this is Beardyman, you know him, right?
since I saw him live he was using some Kaoss Pads and 1 or 2 Synths for controlling or adding things and loopers – now he seems to have changed but still using his voice as a basis and showing to us – most magic is into – pitch shifting and some fx-trickery.. and recording it.
it looks harder to have an eye on 3 iPads, 2 Keyboards (playing his sampled stuff as polyphonic -something- sounds and something Maschine (as a controller?) is doing.. I guess – it’s just sampling – playing and the computer has some ableton up for doing the main thing – the ipads doing controller/remote jobs and – that’s it..

as always – very cool.



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3 Thoughts to “Beardyman: The polyphonic me – voice on the morph’sis”

  1. anaLog

    Actually his new setup is completely written in c++, with some help by a few Programmers (i.e. someone from Sugar Bytes). The following link explains this in detail and it seems to be a very interesting project

    1. nice addition, thanks! ;) I added the video to the main post ;)

      1. anaLog

        bin immer froh hier mal was zurückgeben zu können!

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