Bitwig – Day 1 for public – Day XX for Beta ppl

it has started – LFOs and Stepsequencers to all Plugins within the new DAW from Berlin – Bitwig. Their servers are servants to anyone working hard these hours, the new DAW feels fine –
and it looks like this ..

special check you should do: plugins and modulation – can be applied form LFOs and Stepsequencers as well.

the way you can change and manipulate audio clips

rotation and stuff for clips and seeing whats in there – clever vertical design for individual takeovers by the arrangement per track

colour coded modulation targets.

and – it’s dark – one window application – and it seems stable – never crashed since testing it for some weeks now..

program change for midi? hmm..

feels very much like made out of one solid block, ..  version 2 will provide modular access to everything underneath the graviton shield of betaness – but you can already script it. by javascript. so any1 can do it.


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