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Announcing Source of Uncertainty: Music for the Buchla Synthesizer.  Two free concerts and modular synthesizer fair inspired by the Buchla 200e.  NYC 6/28/12 + 7/7/12.  Fundraising campaign at www.indiegogo.com/sourceofuncertainty

Thurs June 28th // South Street Seaport // 210 Front Street NYC
Control Voltage Faire 3-8pm
Buchla Recital ft Alessandro Cortini, Carlos Giffoni, Mark Verbos 8-10
Late concert ft Xeno & Oaklander and Loud Objects

 Sat July 7 // Schimmel Arts Center // 3 Spruce Street NYC
Richard Lainhart tape piece
Morton Subotnick premieres „Energy Shapes“

So… let’s talk synths.  Specifically, modular synths.  Not your average piano-style format, a modular synthesizer involves patch chords that link up modules performing different functions – producing a soundwave, filtering, sequencing, etc.  If that’s confusing, it’s because modular synthesizers are the future!  However, we must step back and realize that the format has actually been around since the 1960s.  Don Buchla specialized in his modular Music Boxes throughout the 60s and 70s, but the proliferation of affordable digital synths moved the modular style to the margins of production… until today.  We want to shed light on the rebirthed DIY modular movement, pay homage to the legendary Buchla 200, and celebrate the modernized 2005 reintroduction of the Buchla 200e.  Our program, titled ‚Source of Uncertainty‚, provides a platform for some of the artists exploring the Buchla 200(e) and DIY modules, and allows YOU to demo them.

In order to put these concerts together, and because we are non-profits, we need your fundraising help.  Please get an idea of the project and its historical importance by watching and sharing the video at www.indiegogo.com/sourceofuncertainty.  Forward this email to your synthusiast friends.  As part of the program, we have a series of interviews on Art on Air.  The first with headliner Morton Subotnick aired last Friday if you want to hear Mort’s storytelling and singing, -///stream: http://artonair.org/show/model-266-morton-subotnick


Abby of Harvestworks Organization
Who are we?  Source of Uncertainty is a collaboration of Harvestworks and ((audience)) and is part of the River To River Festival.

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  1. pulsn

    Richard Lainhart? Wie kann das sein? Ist der Gute nicht vor kurzem verstorben?

    1. Ja, ist er. Ich gehe davon aus, dass hier seine Musik interpretiert wird.

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