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CLAVIA Nord Modular Synthesizer
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no, here has been an info (6th.dec.2002)

today clavia announced this: g2 is here !
lots of modules and stuff.. more on the details section and the forum..


old „news“..

Despite earlier information, Clavia has today decided to stop the work of the software upgrade for the Nord Modular system. Instead, Clavia will focus its development resources on new projects.

As a result, Clavia can promise new and exciting product releases during 2003. Stay tuned!

means (
just my speculation..): clavia runs low on money? (looks like..) no os x version of the software. modulars will get cheap on the used gear market and a new modular 2 will come. on os x?? no info!! when?? not yet..

but thats how it looks like.. right?..
selling new hardware is better for them.. but not that nice for the users..
the DO know that os x will NOT allow the nord editor in classic mode (crashes).. ;(

so THIS IS NO MORE TRUE ;( sell your modular asap, it will never ever work with os x (apple mac) .. or keep an old computer (but WHO got an extra midi interface and computer just as an editor?.. I don’t..) on the other hand: maybe a nice cheap second modular I am sure they wil get cheap..??.. :)NEEWWWZZZ: first of all: news on the new OS4.0: from the nord modular list.
We’re working on the new Modular software right now. I can’t give
you any details about features at this moment, but the new Editor
will work both in Mac OS 9 and OS X. We plan to release the new
software in the beginning of next year. Any info about the Modular
system will be posted at
Best regards
Fredrik, Clavia
btw: clavia got a tool to work with 200% patches or 400% patches, means: chain 2 slots together to use for a bigger patch.. will this come in?.. I hope so, clavia maybe will not do it. why? no compatibelity to micro modular! who cares :) ??.. the NM is not made for patch downloads only ;) PS: I wrote to frederik: it’s official: OS X editor comes in early 2003! drum mode in nl3 is not planned and he is very helpful!.. btw!! so please take this as official.. thx to frederik this way ;)

clavia haben ein tool entwickelt, mit dem sich auch patches mit der power von 2 slots machen lassen (also 200% statt 100% oder sogar 400%).. vermutlich wird dies nur nicht kommen.. wegen fehlender abwärtskompatibelität zum micro (der ja nur „einen slot“ hat), ansonsten wird es ein os4.0 für os x UND os 9.22 geben!! so versichert frederik, nun ist es anfang 2003.. wie man clavia so kennt, kann das auch schonmal länger dauern. WENN dann gibts das zum download bei aaalso:
OS X editor 4.0 ist FAKT und bestätigt! wird kommen anfang 2003!
definitiv und 100%. indianerehrenwort.
nl3: drum mode ist nicht geplant ..
frederik ist übrigens ein netter infobereiter mensch. dies info ist persönlich gegengecheckt!
natürlich wird nix über die features verraten und wenn ichs wüsste würde ich das natürlich nicht posten also: wir dürfen uns freuen.. es wird also was geben!.. trust me.


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