Dark ZebraHz – when a Zebra becomes a Diva – at least it adds diva tech

Zebra 3 will and should and was planned to be the Zebra with Diva technology, means all the filter and osc goodness in a more complex synth like Zebra, here’s a nice one – you can NOW have ZebraHZ with Hans Zimmer sounds AND Diva tech but without multicore processor support NOW, the other one looks like it is still coming so veryone looking for very high sound quality NOW should check out the Zebra Diva ..
of course Howard Scarr has his part on tese sets, know for wonderful and great sound!

The Dark Zebra - Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr

KVR: Dark Zebra soundset – Out Now.


Forum: ZebraHZ  (another audio to listen to / noch ein Audio zum reinhören dort)

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