Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Dave Smith Instruments :: Mopho x4 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer is near.

Basically it is a slightly larger Mopho Keyboard , Mopho KB Analog Synthesizer with 4 voices and (my beloved) 3.5 octave sized keyboard (thanks Dave!). Very perfect form and style.

USB for MIDI, MIDI in, out/thru combi plus keychain for more voices.

filter FM is possible and 20 mod routings now (!)
no ringmod or OSC FM as the standard Mopho, but this one looks very very suitable for the stage – well done on this format and it still has the 4×16 mod-sequencer! let’s check if the 12dB/oct. Filter is still almost with very few resonant behaviour. puh, I’d love to buy one of these if it had those nice OSC-based noise „thingies“. right, I am looking for a nice Evolver, like the MEKHybrid Synthesizer 4 voices and shaped like this, be perfect (as long as the knob quality is ok for the stage)…

Forum:  Neuer Prophet oder was bei Dave Smith für 2012? (seit Juli war ja schon was im Busch)..  -> US$1300 = 1300€ over here

very cool answer to Microkorgs but not as flexible still for the OSC-based noise – but this is tempting, really.

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