DIY System 100m – Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF clone

YouTube – Sytem 100m with custom Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF clone.

A demonstration of Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF clone (Curetronic Steiner VCF) put in a custom made system 100m module enclosure. I named it „m-128“.

All sounds in this demo (including drum and percussion sounds) were programmed on system 100m.
For the „self propelled“ sound example in the second part of this video an additional LFO was trans-patched from Korg MS-20 to Sys-100m.

Modules in his system100m:
181 – 49key keyboard
112 – dual oscilator x 2 (that’s 4 VCOs altogether)
121 – dual filter
130 – dual VCA
140 – dual envelope generator & LFO
150 – ring modulator, sample&hold, noise,LFO
128 – custom Steiner-Parker VCF clone (by Curetronic)
440 – custom SSM2040 VCF clone (by MOTM)

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