Formant Sequencing • FS1R goes flash

ok, the FS1R Digital Synthesizer  is for FM, but it also had formant sequences, this flash website simulates this kind of approach, looks very much like resynthesis but is is meant FSEQ – set the speed of the FSEQ curve to get a sample „granulized“ – and still note that this is not granular, nor is it re-synthesis but sequencing formants on 8+8 Oscillators (voiced and unvoices as we know from the FS1R). what does it do? it plays a group of frequencies and moves around in the frequency range. that’s not really exact but basically what it does it is like say you generate multiple typical peaks and do not save all the harmonic content of it  but just the formant position- if you go on moving it, you can re-create typical sound patterns that remind of instrument XY like a cello or whatever, and it works! listen!!

awesome to have this as a web tool, so if thats possibly, where’s the app and AU/VST? for all,? ;) – it’s well done!! you can draw your own sequence which is the very important basic concept – try it to understand how it works!

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