Analog Hardware vs. Alva Noto – Clicks and Cuts on analogue synths?

Forum • Analoge Hardware vs. Alva Noto.some1 asked about this track, and I found it worth to post for both aspects – the musical and the analog nature of the whole track – of course it is Clicks’n’Cuts if you ask for a genre.


my advice would be: fast envelopes and PW symmetry settings to the extreme, I am using Ringmod and FM for the rest of those sounds – I’d say it could be nice on a moog modular or CS30 to just tell 2 synths – the important thing on the CS30 is – it has everything important and needed for this kind of genre – fffast envelopes, 3 of them! you can mod 2 resonant filters for more alien insect kind of sounds and it has FM and Ringmodulation as well as a nice routing –

mein Vorschlag, wie man dies mit Analogen machen könnte sind die im Forum, habe ähnliche Ergebnisse mit dem Yamaha CS30 oder Moog Modular erzeugen können, es gibt sicher noch mehr…

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