Free Sounds for Download (Synths) by „program change“

– PROGRAM CHANGE did a bunch of Packages that are all free for download from a load of Synths but also things like Strings, Piano and Bass and stuff..
most of it can be seen by looking at the „packages“..

Oberheim Matrix, Roland Juno and JX, Korg DW…

Freie Sounds aus Synths und ein bisschen mehr – kostet nichts – was es gibt sieht man auf einen Blick, daher sage ich sonst weiter nichts.


26 gigabyte classic analog Oberheim samples.


24 bit samples of Roland’s most advanced analog instrument ever (13 gigabyte).


128 HQ basses, strings and effects taken from the legendary Alpha Juno series (16 gigabyte).

Free downloadFree downloadFree download


25 early digital piano recreation sampled from classic intruments.


More than a gigabyte of early digital strings from the late eighties.


22 precise sampled instrument containing the most sought-after basses from the eighties.

Free downloadFree downloadFree download


We recorded the 8-bit DIY synthesizer with astonishing quality (1 gigabyte).


Digging into the deep details of Korg’s classic hybrid DW synthesizers.

D for Digital

A wide variety of sounds (429 in total, 15 gigabyte) sampled from Roland’s Linear Arithmetic synthesizers.

Free downloadFree downloadFree download


Take a tour into the analog Waldorf world with this megapackage
(2 gigabyte)


It’s the most affordable analog package again – check in, it’s Korg Poly-800!
(9 gigabyte)


Acoustic and electronic organ recreations from the late eighties.

Free downloadFree downloadFree download


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    Na super, und wer macht mir jetzt Single Cycle Waves draus? :D

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