Gleetchlab 3

software @ 10.69€. Looks interesting and it’s for the mac.


A realtime modular composition and processing software for sound design and experimental music like glitch, IDM, electroacustic, ambient…

Gleetchlab 3 is a modular software designed to process audio files and live sound sources in realtime.

Unlike many music softwares, gleetchlab does not use a „timeline“, instead you can process and record sound as it plays and quckly store every  parameter into ten
easy-to-recall temporary presets.

You can manipulate samples with random loop points, alterate speed and direction of playing without limits, pencil-edit waveforms and use the internal DSPs such as convolution, feedback generator, granular re-synthesis, waveshaping distortion, spectral filtering, wow simulation, dynamic reverberation and your own VST plugins.

Also you can record  and re-record endlessly each processed sound into the 6 stereo loopers or manipulate  sources coming from your soundcard and last but not least, use a quadriphonic suround mixer/recorder.

Just one thing: There’s a „why it can not save to disk“ – reminds a bit of chapter (??): why a synclavier has not MIDI. Anyway, real live performance!

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