Jellinghaus DX Programmer for Horror Prices

Sold recently on Ebay for the horrible price of 2010€ JELLINGHAUS-DX-PROGRAMMER

jsut for the record, 25 made and rare, but for this price maybe some1 is interested in building another 10 for sale? any1?

I’d like one for the TG77 or FS1R .. I’d check if I can buy the church in my home town then to make enough room for it..

maybe go for a DT7..


would YOU pay that price?


see the yamaha/DX7

DX7 + FM Synthesizer Section (older)

forum (german)  jellinghaus dx programmer in der schweinebucht

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3 Thoughts to “Jellinghaus DX Programmer for Horror Prices”

  1. I agree. The prices this MIDI-controllers go are ridiculous. But still… i’d like to have one!
    BTW. I also have moved to TG-77 as it’s FM synthesis is even (much) more powerful than in DX7.

    1. true, the TG is also my fav. FM synth, also the most „hiend“ one to my ears, even the Fs1R wasn’t that quality and there’s cool pan control envelopes for 4 elements which is great. but surely via iPad and others (Lemur..) you may have a nice controller as well – or MIDI Touch.

  2. […] DT7 – seems to be some sort of clone since it’s layout looks quite like that. since it’s only 25 worldwide this might be a good idea. I don’t know if it’s (Eno sold his)fun to use since […]

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