Jomox Sunsyn Mk2 – it’s back

The – Jomox Sunsyn Mk2. is back now, but at a higher price. also a new colour scheme – check these: says

SunSyn Mark II  12.10.2010 19:39

The sought-after SunSyn 2.0 will be manufactured in a small run again. We have given a face lifting to our 8-voice bolide and prepared the partly difficult getting of parts so far that a new production is possible. That implies of course that the new one will sound exactly the same as the old one! OS 2.0 is all new. is at 5k€ now. I had some chances to get my hands on it, it’s worth a listen – nevertheless you better don’t LOOK at it but it’s sound is still on a very high level. Bild

Jomox Sunsyn Mk2 @ Forum.

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