Jupiter 6 Europa Upgrade 2.0

There is a new version of the Jupiter 6 Europa Kit..

New features ( from http://www.synthcom.com/Europa/europaFaq.html ):

* Expanded Patch Memory

Version 2.0 increases the internal patch and preset storage by 6 times, to
a total of 288 patches and 192 presets.  Each bank of 48 patches and 32
presets is accessible via the front panel or a standard MIDI Bank Select
message.  The upper and lower splits can use patches from different banks
if desired.

* Multiple Undo function for Patch Editing

Unwanted changes to patches can be undone at the push of a button.  Up to
127 button presses, 84 slider moves, or some intermediate combination of
the two can be undone or redone, until a patch is saved or a new patch is

* Layer Mode

Layer mode allows the upper and lower patches to be played from the
keyboard at the same time, while being edited individually or
simultaneously. In Layer mode, the lower synth has 2 voices,and the upper 4

* Keyboard Transpose

Version 2.0 allows the upper & lower splits to be transposed independently.
Held arpeggios can be transposed on the fly for many creative performance

* Support for Midi Song Position Pointer

The arpeggiator will start at the beginning of the next measure when a song
position pointer message is received.
Roland Jupiter6

Roland Jupiter6 synthesizer

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