KissBox Network/WiFi to MIDI to CV – the missing link


Never been „cheap“ but it has always been the missing link between MIDI, WiFi and now – Analog CV – it’s now another nice and smart box that brings iPads, Computers and CV together without MIDI – and note – you could also control any analog gear via iPad
it also has Envelopes and LFOs and assigns 8 voices to it

the Kiss Box was made to attach any controller to Hardware MIDI without true need of a computer in between. but it can be configured via Plugins/Computer but not needed to take it on stage or so.. so here’s the CV part add. to the MIDI Kiss Box.

Standalone HD control engine for analog synthesizers, with integral 32 bits processing paths
• Transforms any analog machine into a fully programmable system
• No computer or extra module required to generate control signals
• Replaces 24 LFO, 16 ADBSSR EG and 24 modulations matrices
• Preconfigured matrices for VCO, VCF and VCA control
• 14 functions available on each output, with 8 voices polyphony support (VCO Control, VCF Control, VCA Control, LFO1/2/3, EG1/2, Note Gate, Resonance Control, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Gate)
• 16 bits outputs (0V to 10V) without sample/hold for maximum signal purity
• Direct integration in Max/MSP with a dedicated object, in order to generate control signals from Max/MSP in real-time (for example, using a ~adsr object)
• VST plugin used as Editor/Librarian, for direct integration in sequencers and Digital Audio Workstations

KissBox the Network Answer

(triggered via synthtopia & matrix) – thx guys!

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