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KORG Drum Machine Section
KR55, KPR77, DDM110, DDM220, DDD1, DDD5, etc.

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most PICs : click image to enlarge!! here:
Korg Electribe Series
Korg Electribe Series..
the current drum gear from Korg..

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DRUM MACHINESthe KR55 (1979) it was used by depeche mode (speak & spell) and strange disco acts like „divine“ or „bobby orlando“ or lime3 .. well.. it is somewhat close to roland TR606 and TR808 imho this is one of the most important ones by korg, seems it has not the same cult status as the TR’s…korg had a lot of drum machines but most of them did not really hit the „legendary“ limit..
korg kr55 drum computer
a quite TR606-like machine is the KPR77 (1982), which is even more like what I said about the kr55, it is very analogue and sounds quite like TR808.. more on it ASAP..
also korg did a lot of „cheap“ ones like the DDM110 and DDM220 (the latin percussion version from 1985) in the mid 80ies and sample based drum machines like the ddd1 , ddd5 (1986/87) and s3 ..
these are those one could call „bread and butter“ hardware..

the minipops from 1974 was quite famous , maybe because of Jean Michel Jarre playing it on his frist albums, it sounds very simple and is a simple preset machine – anyway it has it’s charme..

Korg Minipops
Drum Boxes..enlarge the pic (click on it..)

used by J.M.Jarre and others…

they are touch activated..

korg minipops drumcomputer
korg minipops
korg mnipops drum machines
this is the original Jarre minipops .. oxigene/equinoxe instantly created..? here it is..minipops series are all preset machines from 1969 to mid 70ies.

cool timeline of minipops model can be found here..

minipops jean-michel jarre
Korgs reponse to Rolands TR drummachines – the kpr-77it sounds very much like a tr606 to my ears.. ;)kpr77
sorry about the emptyness in this section so far ;)to be continued asap…

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