Korg Monotribe MIDIfy without soldering just plug in

Amazing Machines (Brasil) has a special MIDI to CV Interface out which is very easy to handle, just plug it in, thats all.

of course it works with all „mono…“ Korgs

05/12/2012 – Amazing Machines Releases NastyMono

Amazing Machines Releases NastyMono – Feedback Controller and I/O Adapter for the KORG Mono Series
– Stereo 3.5mm I/O cables
– Mono 1/4″ Auxiliary Input
– Mono 1/4″ Audio Output
– Feedback Attenuator for Optimal Control over the Feedback Path
– Fixed Passive Low Pass Filter to clean up the Feedback Path
– Passive Device, no batteries or PSU needed

Forumlötfreies MIDI-Kit für die Monotribe aus Übersee – „took 3 weeks for delivery“ (according to the Forum Users)

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One Thought to “Korg Monotribe MIDIfy without soldering just plug in”

  1. Hi guys,

    I have produced a USB based MIDI interface for the Monotribe. A PCB which will both power the synth and send/receive MIDI messages over USB.
    I have only produced a few for the moment, which are available on ebay. If there is interest from the community I can produce more. For anyone interested, just search for Monotribe USB on ebay.
    You can email me at jspadavecchia@hotmail.com with any questions or for more information.

    James Spadavecchia

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