MacBeth Bomber – Modular Synth

this is a 3 module synth as a small command station to get into sonic surgery as fast and flat as you want it.

1 OSC with Sub OSC
2 Envelopes
and a filter
sound convincing and you can build you modular base on this..

Ken says: minimal 3 module Macbeth Mk1 synthesizer – the Bomber! Specifically put together to Bomb that Bass! The single Mk1 Oscillator ‚B‘ gives you 1 x Sawtooth, 2 x Pulse Width (Square) Waveforms, 2 x Sub Octaves, one below the other which all go into the discrete Mk1 Filter ‚B‘ – State Variable Filter that loves Overdrive! Gated and controlled by the Mk1 Dual EGs with built in Utility VCA. As a modification- there is a Noise Generator normalized into Audio Input 3 on that Filter!

macbeth bomber

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