Macbeth X-Factor coming..


der geplante neue Macbeth Synthesizer mit Tastatur kommt bald..

the X-Factor was announced somewhere earlier here, so here is more news from the macbeth site..

…currently, the prototype is called The X Factor! This synth is totally analogue- 3 wide ranging Oscillators
with 10 turn potentiometers for precise frequency control and also featuring Saw/Tri/Sine/Square-
waveforms each Oscillator functions as both audio and modulator for some striking cross-modulation effects…

There is a dedicated analogue LFO as well as analogue Glide…
…the filter is the classic all transistor 24dB/Octave type- warm, rich and fat!
…as can be seen- the keyboard is a three and a half octave type- perfect for an analogue mono synth!

-> Macbeth XFactor
The ADSR envelope generators are an all transistor design and are extremely snappy!
Also included is a variable tone Noise Generator. Other features include a dedicated Headphone Amplifier
for monitoring sounds!…..for those interested in obtaining this synth- a batch of 25 is planned for the
first run- if you want to get one via advanced order- do get in touch…

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