Metamono (Köln, 27.10.2013) – Vintage & Modular Synths

British almost purist band selling Vinyl and Tapes (!) – „you can play it in your car“.
I’d call that style electro, but has some of other styles in it ..
lots of nice vintage FX as well in here. in fact they don’t use other than analog sounds in their set / music.

Metamono are using vintage synths:

ARP2600, MC202, Juno 106, MS20, Ringmod & more by Christian Lilienthal, MPC2000 (just as a sequencer) and the most modern synth used – a monotron. 2 modular racks, 1 5HE lots of oakley in it / DIY and a doepfer set 3HE. and a stylophone, MPC101 seen also..

Metamono play The Odonien, Köln

metamono manifesto

All sound is now available to all musicians everywhere
Music has become a flaccid shadow of the social power it once was
will restrict and limit the sound sources and techniques available to us in order
TO LIBERATE the imagination
TO ECHO the struggle society endures
Our restraints will be our liberties
Our limitations will be our aesthetic
We will kick against the pricks

metamono will never

– use a microphone
– use digital sound generation or sampling
– use mechanical sound generation
– use digital sound processing
– make overdubs
– remix
– be afraid of mono

metamono will only

– use analogue electronic sound generation
– use analogue electronic sound processing
– use digital recording and basic editing when no alternative is available
– compose and mix simultaneously
– build their own or play used instruments

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