MIDI & Sequencer for Korg Polysix Expansion Modysix (tubbutec)

Tubbutec has created a MIDI kit for the Korg Polysix.
Es soll bald eine MIDI Erweiterung für den Polysix geben, der Name wird grade im Forum gesucht

Korg Polysix Poly6 synthesizer
6 Voice, (1981)  Korg Polysix , Poly 6 Analog Synthesizer

– die Features werden diese sein / it adds:

  • MIDI in / out
  • Sustain Pedal input
  • 2/3 voice modes, polychord, unison extended with gate retrigger
  • additional arpeggiator & sequencer including chords
  • access via buttons
  • MIDI controls Arp Triggering, Clock, Filter etc.
  • easy to install.
  • Name is yet to be found Namensfindung für Polysix Erweiterung – looks like Modysix or Holysix might win..

modysix MIDI kit


Info / Einführung dazu: Forum • Namensfindung für Polysix Erweiterung.

here’s another fine Mod to the Polysix called the Polysex Mod by the same Berlin-based guy..

btw – the info and manual must be written – after that you can order.. first being hand made, as the last one will..


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