Mod: Tubbutec MIDI + X -> Roland SH101 Upgrades & MIDI Roland Juno 66

Tubbutec blogged and posted on FB and announced an interesting Modification for the Roland SH101 (besides the Novamod)

  • MIDI in + out
  • Multiple sequences -> glides, breaks & accent
  • Additional filter LFO
  • Additional ADSR envelope for filter control
  • Accent
  • More sequencer and ARP’er modes: forward, backwards, random, ping-pong,…
  • more (soon, when it’s ready) at



you may have missed the Polysix and Mono/Poly Mods from Tubbutec (located in Berlin/Germany)? ->

Tubbutec – Juno 66
Tubbutec Juno-66 Erweiterung für Juno-6/60


  • Midi in- and output. Can output key presses, arpeggiator, Powerarp and chord memory.
  • Additional play modes: Polyphonic, Duophonic, Two Monophonic modes, Chord Memory and Polychord. The Mono- and Duophonic modes feature adjustable fatness
  • Portamento for all play modes with adjustable speed and behaviour
  • Powerarp: A powerful sequencer that includes breaks and note lengths and can be triggered by the arp clock, trigger, midi clock or midi trigger. Features various direction, transpose and random modes.
  • Two additional filter LFOs: A triangular LFO with a frequency of up to 8kHz and a S/H style LFO with various clock sources.
  • Detuning. Turns your Juno into an organic analogue synth.
  • Alternative tunings: Select from a range of non-equal tempered tunings.
  • Midi filter, pitch bend, arp and portamento control.
  • Settings via an internal configuration menu or external midi controller.
  • Extra features accessible using the existing Juno controls
  • Comes with sticker overlays and all necessary parts


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  1. Puffy

    Cant’t find a link to the 101 mod…

    1. will have it when it is ready, this is just a previewing info ;)

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