moog announce a new product..

well, of course they do not say what it is.. but there have been rumours around abbout a small synth model.. possibly to get rudi linhard out if the moog boad, since bob went away.. what is a moog if bob moog is no longer here? .. we don’t know.. :::::: MOOG MUSIC ::::::

the knob rendering (well, does this tell you much?).. is the only thing, that is online atm…
synthesizer + sequencer

what it could be:
-an ATC like studio electronics – menu with some soft-touch buttons and one dial like this?
-just one of these knobs are on the panel, the rest is quite „digital“..
-lots of knobs like this (a la NL3).. not cheap then..
-etc. / your thoughts..

anyway, we’ll see.. this one looks like a digital thing / with memory.. or maybe some sort of ATC-like cheaper Moog..?

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