Most underrated – unterschätzt

Matrix has a most underrated Synth post up

The Most Underrated Synths

, there’s been a forum discussion in german on the forum last year..just read the Synth Names..

..Most unterschätzt @ Forum

there are Korg DW8000, Octave Series like Octave Voyetra and Cat/Kitten

and even the very cheap-to-get synths by Roland Alpha Juno, JX Series and of course the Matrix 6

the Jen SX1000 was mentioned, a small italian mono synth..

Jen SX1000 synthesizer

they also posted the Akai VX600

and the Elka EK22, EM22

for me the Yamaha CS30
can do much more than ppl think of.. especial generating nice little new creatures..

Yamaha CS30 synthesizer

and someone posted the Korg Sigma

btw: wer einen Sigma sucht, habe einen Freund, der einen verkauft.. einfach melden..

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