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Moogulator - The Digital Anatomist Project Album CD

Two new reviews of

Connexion Bizarre mentions moments of brilliance and gives 7,5 of 10 points.

The Machinist goes even further and gives 9 of 10 points with the nice introduction „Musical future knocks at your brains!“

Because the original review is written in cyrillic letters we asked for a translation. Grateful we got it and here it is:

Musical future knocks at your brains! New album of German electronic musician Mic Irmer aka MOOGULATOR sonically is situated in the heart of area of experimental nanotechnological sound-installations, which are heavily mixed up on classical idm, mutative glitch-ambient, robotic drum-n-bass and intensive icy click-n-cuts. It’s possible in this case to draw some parallels with such bands as AUTECHRE, APHEX TWIN, KRAFTWERK and SQUAREPUSHER. Mic Irmer is active as musician since 1980th (more as CONSEQUENCE) and duty-bound is big synth specialist and programmer of musical software in one of German companies. These facts are directly reflected not only in very high, almost genius quality of recording of album „The Digital Anatomist Project“, but also in interesting, brave, creative methods of building of supercomplex, but harmonic and intelligent futuristic compositions. Every track on MOOGULATOR album is unique collection of original synth sounds,
unpredictable rhythmic patterns and artificial microchip melodies. Sometimes during the listening of disk I had impression that musician organize test for his synths and my stereo or the dream team of idm-stars works in studio. In some moments I even stopped to believe that music of MOOGULATOR is created by human mind. Because of domination of artificial intellect and strange cryomechanics in songs. Nevertheless, I’m sure that for admirers of complex broken rhythmic constructions with surreal touch and progressive abstract sound-design music of project can be a real discovery, treasure of technological revelations or new reedition of directory of complex technical modes, used in experimental electronic music. Only cold machine atmosphere with little germs of biological life remains inviolable along the whole length of album. You will quasi get in the epicenter of multiptocesses which take place inside computer platforms and other related devices. All
diverse dead synthetic sounds, beat kicks, signal sequences, ambient fragments and noise metastases are insensibly pass through powerful amplifiers and filters, delivering on the exit very organized, melodic and, what is surprise, quit a pleasant streaming experimental sound. Not too often experimental music sounds at the same time so enthralling, complex, unpredictable and cool. If Mic Irmer pays more attention on melodic aspect of his tracks everything would be simply ideal. I have difficulties with enumeration of best tracks on album because all of then are more or less equal in sonic filling and contain own unique elements and atmospheric details and composer peculiarities. I can only say that among dozen of rhythmic tracks you’ll find relatively quiet, focused on inner processes driving numbers like „Frozen And Locked“, „Blurred Faces“, „Nichtsdestotrotz“ or „Frozen Modules“ and such harsh, aggressive and hyperactive tracks as „Die Scheinwelt
Maschine“ or „Qasdiac“. So, I come to next conclusion: album „The Digital Anatomist Project“ on no account is comfort, easy, addressed for masses musical product, but rather work, which is hard oriented on true gourmets and big experts among electrofreaks, who already listened to a lot of different and strange music in style of idm-electronica (and not only) and are ready to discover new qualitative project under name MOOGULATOR. I will also add that cover artwork suits very well to album and uses experimental visual images, texture and effects.

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