NAMM News 2009 – compressed- What do check..?

Short NAMM 2009 News Overview:

1) Virus TI Mk2, new FX, 25% more Power, flattened design – New faster and better look – New OS 3.0 (both: TI 2 and the old (now „vintage“) TI run that OS)

2) NI: Hardware Groovebox MPC like called Maschine

3) Automap 3 – Novations renovation for remotes
3b) Focusrite: Plugins – EQing & Compressor Pack

4) Beatkangz Drummachine, sampling 256MB RAM, 2x SD Slot = 4GB, PAds, blue lights, USB

5) Cubase 5 – has interesting Loop synch techniques (german Video @ Musotalk) – a bit like Live has.

6) New Controllers from Akai, especially one ABLETON Live with 8 Tracks in a row, interesting also interesting about intetration of step sequencers etc.

7) Moog produces the last 200 Voyager OS and Theremin with CV Out (instead of MIDI)

8) Motu Groovebox (Software)

9) Roland: AX Synth  – Like the AX REmote but with Rompler inside & D-Beam

10) Radikal Spectralis 2 – SD Slots, new design, new features, more „live“able.

so far for already posted stuff.. here’s the updates:

11) V-Synth GT V2.0 – New OS
New Features
– Recharged cutting-edge sounds
– Newly enhanced effects: 22 tone effects and 5 reverbs
– Chromatic-scale pitch bender function
– High-resolution knob response and tonal control
– Import Files function (Patch/Tone/Wave/Sample)
– Enhanced user interface
– Enhanced USB functionality
– Available to all V-Synth GT owners via free download

12) Roland VP770 Vocal Synth –

Muuuuch cooler Design!


13) Bugbrand Modular

14) Lemur & Dexter got Updates and cheaper (Jazzmutant)

15) purple (sort of) Kaossilator – same features as Kaossilator (yellow)

KORG M50 Music Workstation (73 Tasten-Version)

will update this as reference what was new at NAMM 2009 – stick to top for today ;)

16) Waldorf Software Largo, Q/Blofeldish kind of Synth. And: It’s Pc AND MAC now. Same features as Komplexer / Q / Blofeld. But no Samples (so far).

I assume you all know about the Samples in the Blofeld KB and coming to the Desktop Blofeld some day, too?

Blofeld Desktop upgrade 99€ to Sample-able OS..

Largo Screenshot

17) Motu BPM – Groovebox Software. (just looks like a hardware box, so it’s not like NI’s Maschine).

18) Audio Interface / Control Surface 8 ch by Alesis called Master Control, MIDI, Firewire

19) M-Audio: Axiom Pro, Controllerkeyboards, mit ner Art Automap, HyperControl

20) Strange stuff by Metasonix (mostly for distortion) incl. a strange keyboard and a distortion machine called assblaster (true). and: YELLOW *urgh*

21) Cycling 74 introduces an Interface to Ableton Live for Max

22) Arturia Minimoog V 2.0 + Vocal Filter, Modulation like ARP 2600V, Special Morphing/MAP.

23) Motu Volta – Kind of Modular Routing for Software. – This uses the „trick“ to convert CV via Audio Interfaces, great idea.

24) D-CAM Synths by FXpansion – VA kind of Plugins, expected to sound like some classics without the look of a vintage synths ;)

25) New Design / Update of John Bowens (by SonicCore – ex Creamware) of Solaris Synthesizer: New: Ribbon, Joystick

26) Eventide Harmonizer: Harmonizer für den kleinen Geldbeutel von Eventide:

27) Gmedia impOSCar 2.0 – New: Chord Memory, Unison Mode, Lots of Details, Routings, interesting stuff.

read on for more info and links (next postings)

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