3rd party OS for the Waldorf Q (internal name „Knister Q“) 4.14beta from another german company

NEW 3rd party OS for the Waldorf Q.. internal Name „Knister Q“.. 4.14beta from another german company…

It was shown to some selected people on the Musik Messe Frankfurt 2000 and 2001 to a special public..

is this ok?? I was trying to mod the grain depth (yes!! something new in the OS) I am trying to find out that in the modmatrix.. maybe this is a bug??

here is a new soundfile that I did with the KnisterQ only: listen

HERE’s the RETAIL PACKING.. ok it isn’t free but quite cheap over here in germany..

knister Q
and here’s the proooof: I did not use a PC:
Apple MacIntosh

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