Telepathic Bubblebath Liquid Sky Berlin Vol.2) – compilaton with moogulator track

a fine compilation, I was asked to do a track for that is sort of drone ambient style with beats with sort of illness to make it telepathic. we did! and I did a remix of something you may only know if you are really aware everything what I am doing ;)

note the name of the Moogulator track/song is Movement: Solitude – 2012 renewal Remix –  there is another version on this compilation.. with different approach.

listen, spread, get fascinated – alienated … ted. .. ed… d…d…

also avaialable as WAV! -> telepathic bubblebath / liquid sky berlin Volume 2 – compilation

telepathic bubblebath
telepathic bubblebath


telepathic bubblebath tracks

try listen and search..


as said as Moogulator.. ;)

telepathic bubblebath review