Nord Modular G2 Resource – G3 happening in the future? / Umfrage@Forum

Just in case someone doesn’t know Rob Hordijks very cool Clavia G2 Tutorial Pages. The G2 was (unfortunately it is discontinued) one of the handiest modular Synths ever, so keep track of this and hope for a sample-engine equipped G3 and ask Clavia DAILY for one, count me in, if it’s there and available.  people often ask for things or do petitions for apple to open their network policy, so why not praying and shouting for a sampling G2 modular synth??
Clavia NordModularG2 g2x G2engine synthesizer

Clavia Nord Modular G2, g 2x , G2engine Modular Synthesizer (2004)
+ TR sequencer

Clavia G2 –> G2 Umfrage im Forum

Clavia, wie wärs mit einem G3 mit Sample Engine?

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