NordLead 3 goes, Nordware comes..

hmm, the NordLead is sold out and Clavia tell us the NL3 is listed unter discontinued products as well as the 5 Oct. Keyboard Version of the G2, the G2x (of course the cool 3 Oct. Key Version ist still available as well as the engine)..

so the NordWave ist more like the NL2 but the NL2 is still available..

Clavia NordLead3 synthesizerClavia NordLead3 (built 2001)
Digital Synthesizer
Clavia NordWave synthesizerClavia NordWave (built 2007)
Digital Synthesizer + modulation step sequencer
Clavia NordLead2x synthesizerClavia NordLead2x (built 1997)
Digital Synthesizer

and all  CLAVIA Products.

Why I post this? The final Nord Wave looks a bit different: It has 2 7-segment Displays for the OSCs and it says it has OSC2 for sampling and OSC1 for Wavetables.

To get it straight to all:

The NordWave is much like the NordLead 2x, but it has no Arper and only 2 Multislots and no Drummode, on the plus side it has FX, Samples and more Destinations for Modulations on LFO1+2, also the Filter is Comb and Multi there is still the slope switch but no „dist“ switch, .. there is sync and FM or PM but looks like Ringmod is gone. So in Fact the NordWave looks interesting, I found the Nord Lead Series very cool intuitive and nice production synths, so this is the plus on this sampler, as soon as the sample import software works – atm it looks like they have problems with MIDI Clock (not yet implemented) and mentioned: the Editor is missing.. Sure it will come.

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