Novation Synthesizer – Designed by Chris Huggett


NovationNovation Synth overview / überblick..
The Nova SeriesNovation Supernova 1 & 2 , and the little nova (same features but less voices and a little slimed down FM features)  – all NOVA synths were designed by OSCar & EDP founder Chris Huggett
more to come here soon..

the specialty on the the supernovas were 3 speed LFOs (very nice!), a complete FX section PER VOICE or to be exact – per multi part.. it was the first one in this kind of feature, later versions added a vocoder. it is a quite large mod routing section, well.. the odd part is that it’s oscs are no real „models“ of analogue synths but samples.. to my ears it sounds not as rich as a comparable average analogue synth.. anyway it ias lots of mod and dirt sources on board.. not bad! 8 DSP – quite a lot since other synths did not need such a large number on the other hand: others did not have sooo many FX!! later novation released an OS for much more voices.. the little nova had 12 voices and a bit reduced in modulation.. (FM algos)

novation supernova 2
pic thanks to plasmatron
novation supernova
supernova: lower part! – enrlage: click the pic – pic by moonraker
K-Station and KS Series
also A-Station, X-Station

the x-station is basically the a/k-station with monotimral 8 voices synth plus remote functions (being a controller and audio interface ..)

not a bad idea.. and it has a joystick (it’s tilted like the one you can see.. click the pic for more…) plus 2d pad (I like those, so just add a d-beam and it’s perfect..)

in terms of synthesis a smaller version of the nova and supernova series, 4 slots for 4 times multitimbralisty on the KS series, one sound on the K-station and A-station (and x.station of course)
from HinrichVölksen K-Station.mp3
novation x-station 25
very cool remote from novation with 2 large display on top, 8 pads, 24 controllers 2D pad and joystick (tilted) plus some extra keys.. imo this is the perfect layout for a live synth remote keyboard.. please fill it up with a synth..novation remote keyboard
Novation Drumstation (virtual analog)emulates the Roland TR909 and TR808noavtion drumstation
BASS STATION SERIESanalogue synths by novation – the bass station and super bass station..
Novation bass station
super bass station
Novation bassStation
Novation did exactly 2 analogue small liveable synthesizers. the bass station and the super bass station. the bass station was a nice sounding small synth with a nice little 2oct. keyboard. 2 OSCs 1 LFO and a 12/24dB/oct LPF filter and 2 ADSRs for modulation (VCA,VCF) both modes: single and multiple trigger. also as 1unit rack incl. knobs and CC controllable. it HAS memory, but it’s 7 , no more..

the super bassstation adds another LFO and effects and more memory. it has PWM and a nice subOSC and as said 2 LFOs. with it’s 150 ram sounds it has a lot more features to „superize“ the bass station concept.. both monophonic of course.. you can mod pwm by envelope.the same case was used for the VA drumstation (808 and 909 simulated digtally) and the a station and successors..

both are sort of „mini junos“ for more about noavtion see digital synth section..novation bass station
pic thanks to plasmatron

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